Addictive Fishing web site blocked me from the Mogan Lounge

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I purchased three of the Blair Wiggins Flats Blue signature series rods and two of the three rods has broken under normal fishing conditions. The first rod, 8.0' Terrasa inshore broke at the tip while casting a 1 oz. rattle trap. I went on the Addictive fishing web site to report my rod breaking and within 2 hours of my post I was blocked from the "Mogan Lounge". How sad that they only allow the gushy positive praise of their members and do not allow "profanity free" negative posts on the Mogan lounge about a product they promote. So be sure to only post your happy thoughts when you post on that site or you too will be blocked!

The second rod, 7.9" Terrasa inshore shattered into four separate pieces while attempting to land a 10lb red snapper(weighed after using my hands to pull the fish onto the boat). I am lucky I wear glasses due to the exploding fiberglass shards that hit me in the face! I have one more 7.2" Terrasa inshore and am sending it back to Gander Mountain as for a full refund due to my lack of confidence in the rod.

The only positive thing that I experienced in regards to these rods is that ***'s sporting goods allowed me to return the 8.0' rod no questions asked. The other two rods were purchased from Gander Mountain and they too allowed me to return the rods due to them being under the 90 day warranty policy.

These rods suck and should be pulled of the market. If you listen to the Addictive fishing show they talk these twigs up like they are the best rods ever, NOT! Now I understand why they always pull the anchor to chase the big fish they catch on the show! If they fought the fish like real fishermen the rods would break!

Thanks for wasting my time Addictive Fishing!

Review about: Blair Wiggins Flats Blue Fishing Rods.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Addictive Fishing - Flats Blue Blues Part 2

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I will share the details of the events that led to the absolute disintegration of my second of three so called S-Curve technology, Blair Whiggin's Flats Blue Signature series rods!

I hooked a large Red snapper while using the following gear; Wright McGill Sabalos 8000 w/30lb power pro using 1.25 OZ sinker with a 7/0 circle C hook.

When I set the hook and began fighting the fish (Red Snapper weighed in at 10lbs) my 7.9' flats blue rod exploded into four separate pieces. I am lucky I wear glasses!

I did manage however to land the fish with the help of the boat crew of the OSPREY II. I reeled in the line through the last remaining eye of the rod as they hand pulled the line with gloves on.

This is absolutely unacceptable. I cannot believe these rods are still on the market. Especially when the Addictive fishing web site shows Blair Wiggins catching "MOGANS" like tarpon, Hour Jacks, Snook and numerous other game fish much stronger than a Red Snapper.

My hats is off to the editing crew of the Addictive Fishing show cause they really must have to work hard to edit out all the Flats Blue footage of the rods they break during the filming of that ficticious ***! Hey maybe that is why Blair always has the Capt of the boat he is on pull anchor and follow the fish cause his signature series rods suck!

Needless to say I was really embarrassed when my super tough S-Curve Rod exploded in my face.

I have no doubt that my wifes 7.2' S-Curve Flats Blue, Blair Wiggins rod will fail as soon as she hooks anything over 5 lbs.

Beware of the "Flats Blue Blues"

Review about: Blair Wiggins Flats Blue Signature Series Rods.

Monetary Loss: $99.


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:grin :zzz ahahahahahaha rofl! Thats why theres line ratings ***!

The 7'9 says 10-25 lb line! I know this because i have one! Hahahahah still laughing.

If u want a heavy duty spinning rod get the big game spinning rods not the inshore. Retard

Addictive Fishing - Flats Blue Blues

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Hello fellow anglers! I recently purchased three of the new Blair Wiggins Signature series flats blue rods. I purchased the 7.2', 7.9' and the 8.0' rods. I was shocked initially when I opened the shipping cartons and pulled out these thin little rods and immediately was concerned that I made a big mistake.

I fish from the Jetty's on SPI and catch large King fish, Hour Jacks and bull reds. My concerns were realized the second time I took the 8.0 ' rod out to the jetty. I cast a 1 oz. rattle trap (correctly with bail open for you skeptics) and to my surprise and disappointment the rod simply snapped behind the second eye.

I logged on to Addictive Fishing web site to express my frustration (nicely, no profanity) and once I posted the pictures of the broken rod on the web site I was blocked within 1 hour of doing so! How sad that they shut me down that fast! I guess they only like and allow the gushy I love you and your product *** that the little kids and want to be fishing captains post. But how dare I state the truth about these over rated twigs they sell!

My opinion is that the flats blue rods suck and have a definite issue with strength and durability at the tip! and the Addictive fishing website is determined to only post the sickly sweet reviews from the ones they pre-screen for content. Shame on them and the product manufacturer for not accepting both good and bad reviews so that they may improve on the products they sell.

Very pissed customer,


Review about: Blair Wiggins Flats Blue Signature Series Rods.



I was looking to purchase one of these rods just to see what all the hype was about. I wonder how many others have had the same issue.

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